Passing OSCP Exam Attempt #3

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I *PASSED* my third OSCP exam attempt. This is more just a post detailing my new experiences the third time around.

Proof of Success


A month after failing my second exam attempt with 55 points, I was determined to pass for my third attempt more than ever. I had planned out my method for attacking the exam again.

Practicing More via Virtual Hacking Labs (VHL)

After failing my second attempt with 55 points (again), I needed more practice. I had already done most if not all of the OSCP like hosts on HackTheBox.

HackTheBox OSCP Like Hosts
Virtual Hacking Labs

Acquiring Additional Useful Tools

I discovered some newer useful tools from my first exam attempt to my third exam attempt. Some of these tools I guess were always in my face but I never tried to use them or understand them.

Game Day….Again (For the last time)

The exam was scheduled for Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 6pm local time.

  • 25 point behemoth riddled with rabbit holes
  • 2 x 20 point machines
  • 10 point machine

Lab & Exam Writeup

I had already created my lab write up a month before my first exam attempt. This was done about 3 months ago so I did not need to worry about it.

  • Lab Report: 203 pages


These are continuations from my first and second failed attempts. All of these should hopefully help a new or struggling student finally pass their exam and join the ranks of OSCP holders.

  1. GET SLEEP. I can’t stress this enough. Even the OffSec admins / Proctors recommend getting sleep (Yes the proctors are nice and can chat here or there about every day things)
  2. Reiterating a point from my second attempt: If you find a guide that fits what you need to do, tweak it so it fits your needs. Do not immediately dismiss it saying this won’t work. Make sure it does not work before moving on.
  3. If you failed your exam try to find other ways to improve your weaknesses. Sign up for VHL, HTB, or download VMs off VulnHub.

Shout Outs

  • PWK / OSCP Prep Discord Server —
  • Virtual Hacking Labs Discord Server —
  • Discord buddies in no particular order: jerryblanks#5489, Shachath#4151, b0ats#9656, waar#2317, whoisflynn#1893, evader#9052, eminent#8701, Tib3rius#9220 and much more (seriously list goes on)